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Portfolio Samples

Every project is different. This is a sampling of various projects using different technologies, hopefully showing an ability to deliver whatever solution is best suited to each (or your) project.

Our Awesome Services

Synthetik Media offers several services depending on your web needs. Or you can request a package if your needs involve ongoing content creation or maintenance.

Web Design

Most people or organizations just need a basic (or sometimes robust!) site, tailored to suit their content needs. That type of work is the bread and butter here, so feel free to use the contact form below if you'd like to find out more about getting your new site up and running.

Web Development

Wordpress is the default content management system (CMS) used unless there is a request for something else. If you already have a different CMS in place (or no CMS at all) and would just like a refresh or addition to your site, that can easily be accomodated.

Content Management

Not everyone has the time or staff to keep up with regular content updates, or sometimes an extra hand is needed for the "busy season." In either case, help can be found here, including training sessions for helping to automate some of your content rollout.

Who Is Synthetik Media

My name is David Perry, and Synthetik Media is my web development company. I've been in Nashville for over two decades, much of that time working in the web and entertainment spheres. With many years of experience working with and for record companies, non-profits, artists and small businesses in everything from down-n-dirty code to project management, I'd love to discuss opportunities to help you or your company with your web needs.

Our Process

There are two process routes, depending on whether you have an existing website that needs an addition or refresh, or whether you need a brand new website starting from scratch. The latter generally involves an exploratory discussion on needs, assets and budget. From there a project proposal will be drafted for your review, with an opportunity for any further changes. Once we've settled on a direction, as a 50% deposit for the project has been made and site assets delivered, work begins like Vin Diesel: fast and furious. Usually a testing area is set up and a link is shared once the project reaches a "beta" level, so the client can catch any last-minute items that might need attention. After everything is approved and final payment has been made, the site is delivered by client's choice of files or direct upload to a server.

Our Approach

Unless a simple static website is needed, projects are built on the Wordpress platform for an easy-to-manage and secure solution for a dynamic website. The ubiquity of the platform makes it easily extensible and themeable, as well as already familiar to a lot of users. If you have a different platform you prefer or that currently houses an existing website, just note that in your communication. Unless the platform is a closed offering, it shouldn't be a problem to port the normal process over to a different content management system of your choosing. Additionally, if you are beginning this journey from scratch and are in need of logo and branding assets in order to get started, some local designers can be recommended.

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Interested in a website, or just want to find out more info on options or the website building process? Use the form below, including details about your project or organization, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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